The Land of the Cyclops

Aggiornato il giorno 11 Maggio 2020

The Land of the Cyclops is a very short interactive fiction game, an experiment inspired by this question: “How many adventurous ideas can offer a literature masterpiece?”.

To find an answer, I analyzed a few verses from Homer’s Odyssey: the Ninth Book, the chapter about the famous adventure of Ulysses and the Cyclops. Then I wrote an article about puzzles and The Odyssey and created the small game. You should first play the game and then read the article (that has a lot of spoilers). You can also read the first part of the article, then stop when the analysys of the text begins.

Note: The translation of the game and of the article is by Simone “Sauron” Di Conza. Thank you, Sauron, it’s a pleasure to work with you.

Download Cyclops (Release 1: italian release 14/4/2002, about 3 am; english release 5/5/2002, about 8 pm).
It’s an Inform .z5 game, you need an interpreter to open and play it: Try Lectrote by Andrew Plotkin.

Play The Land of Cyclops online!