IF Comp 2013 Reviews: Final Girl

Final Girl is written with StoryNexus, a text-based-game creation toolbox, which has two interesting features: as in RPGs, it is based on cards (which can be places, people, objects) and updates the mood of the characters.

In Final Girl we are a girl who goes on vacation with friends at the shore of a lake, where they a meet a stalker/serial killer. A traditional horror movie theme (too much traditional) . The game opens with the stalker who wants to kill the girls and continues with an investigation to expose him.

Final Girl is well written. It’s clear that the author, Hanon Ondricek, it’s very skilled at evoking images and has a sense of rhythm and dialogues. His writing, in fact, is very “cinematic”. But the story didn’t thrill me and I found little exploited the StoryNexus’ features. And above all, I never had the feeling to make decisive choices .